Best All Rounder Engine

BMW’s B38,B48,B58 Engines especially B58 Engines is Tuneable, Reliable and you will find in everything in 1 series to the X7. People often compare it with the famous TOYOTA Supra’s 2JZ Engine. An engine well known for it’s ridiculous reliability and the ability to withstand serious power.

BMW’s B58 Engine is a inline 6, 3.0L and turbocharged engine.The bottom end of this engine is strong due to its FORGED crankshaft, Even-though the piston’s and rod’s are not they still can withstand insane power, And there’s also something called a CRANKGIRDLE which helps to strengthens the block by tying main bearing caps and bolt heads together.

The use of a twin-scroll turbocharger is also the reason it is so easy to get great performance gains without ripping your engines apart. Due to this you can easily reach 400HP with a simple remap with the B58.



BMW’s First ever vehicle equip with B58 Engine is BMW M340i.All BMW’s 40i model is equip with with B58 Engine with different Generation.

BMW M140i is one of the rarest model exist in Singapore that is equip with B58 engine.

With the B58 engine this enables the M140i to match up with the M2’s output, From 0-100km/h for just 4.6sec.