Looking for a trusted and professional MERCEDES-BENZ CAR SERVICES? TEC Auto will get you covered.

Looking For PROFESSIONAL  and trusted car workshop ?



We're a continental car specialist and full-service workshop for MERCEDES We have more than 15 years of experience.They offer high-quality repair services and a wide range of spare parts at TEC AUTO, all the staff is working with the mindset of giving the top-notch services and craftsmanship to the customers.


MON-SAT : 09:00hrs-19:00hrs / 9am - 7pm SUN : 10:00hrs - 1600hrs / 10am - 4pm

Security system

Fear Nothing, When your car is with us! The whole area of our workshop is under CCTV surveillance and we do provide real time tracking system for you to monitor your vehicle when we test drive or pick- up your car from your place to our workshop

Cafe style waiting room

A very spacious space for you to work or relax while waiting for your car to be ready and free WI-FI plus coffee are provided as well.

Vehicle Inspections

LTA annual inspection? We offers Pre-Inspection Services to rectify any faulty automotive issues by our team of mechanic/technician experts, ensuring you a smooth inspection journey at LTA.


We provide a comfortable and utmost pleasant experience to our customer offering high-quality repair services and a wide range of spare parts they strive to provide excellent and professional customers and whenever they are in need. Our technician will carry out essential checks of the core components of your car to ensure they are running properly and identify any need for replacement parts or fluid.


We utilises diagnostic equipment to trace automotive faults with precise accuracy and subsequently administering the necessary repairs required. With technological advancement, we efficiently reduced any unnecessary time, cost and effort incurred.


Tec providing our customers the most save and accurate gearbox solution in accordance to the specific problem to help them save time and cost. are the reasons why they have chose us as their trusted and reliable vehicle workshop for repair.

We always available 24/7

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A.C. (Air-Conditioner) Maintenance


+Cooling coil changing package

This package is inclusive of :

+Air-Cond Refreshment Package

This Package is Inclusive of:

Imagine when you are having a fun ride with your family on the way to shopping and all of a sudden your car A.C. broke down. An absolute discomfort and what’s worse? when you dont have any experience on cars in particular ?

Don’t Worry TEC Auto have will have your back to make sure you leave with satisfaction. Our team will provide you a professional and honest services, we won’t charge you unnecessary charges to profit our company more this is not what we are aiming for. We aim for perfect and reasonable  services to satisfy our customers.

Cafe style waiting room

Waiting Room

A spacious space for you to work or relax while waiting for your car to be ready and free Wi-Fi and coffee are being provided as well