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TAS provides our customers with the most safest and accurate gearbox solution in accordance with the specific problem to help them save time and cost. are the reasons why they have chosen us as their trusted and reliable vehicle workshop for repair.


Specialist in transmission repair, overhaul And tuning of DSG , DCT , ZF 7,8 speed gearbox


Unlock the hidden potential of your Automatic Transmission with our tuning Gearbox Maps you can safely improve the overall performance of your vehicle, get access to hidden features and enjoy faster shifts just within minutes!


Team of experienced, professional and well-trained mechanics in gearbox repair.

Gearbox Maintenance

Every 30,000 miles or so, your gearbox will require fluid and filter changes. The most popular DSG variants — that’s the 6-speed with wet, multi-plate clutch packs — have their clutches submerged in gear oil that both lubricates and cools the unit down. The fluid also catches material that is shed from the clutch plates over time. These are filtered out, but just as your car’s oil filter, air filter and other filters get clogged, so too will this one.

The unit therefore needs clean gear oil to replace the old stuff, as well as a filter change to go with it. If you miss this critical step, then the performance of your DSG and thus your car will suffer as a result. That’s the best-case scenario. The worst-case scenario is that the clutch packs and hydraulic valves housed within the mechatronic unit themselves get damaged. When you allow contaminated fluid to flow through the mechatronic, it won’t be long before the entire unit stops working properly, and your repair bill will dwarf the original cost of just getting a gear oil and filter change.

7 Speed DSG Servicing

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$ 180
  • Recommended 40,000 km Service
  • Mechatronic Unit Oil
  • Calibration

DSG Oil Servicing

$ 180
  • Recommended 20,000 km Service
  • DSG Oil
  • Calibration

Clutch Replacement

$ 1200
  • LUK Clutch Unit
  • DSG Oil
  • DSG Adaptation

Our Transmission Service Include

  • Gearbox replacement
  • Clutch replacement
  • Gearbox Overhaul
  • Gearbox mechatronic or control unit repair and replacement
  • Gearbox software adaption and tuning
  • Gearbox Maintenance and servicing  

Benefits Of Gearbox Tuning

Safe and Professional custom dsg chip tuning in Singapore.

Increased RPM Limiter

Our Custom software can ensure that both controllers have the same limit set ensuring a wider rev range.

Increased Shift Speeds

faster gear selection translates directly into faster sprint times.

Increased Maximum Torque

Raising the maximum torque allowance of the DSG releases potential power gains from the engine ECU.

In Partnership With XHP Flashtool

XHP Flashtool


XHP Stages are developed individually per vehicle at our site. Features and setup may vary depending on your vehicle. Please search for your vehicle in our finder, to see a detailed description for your very vehicle! All Stages are developed within the transmissions limits and millions of miles already driven on our setups are the best proof for reliability of our setups and the durability of the best-in-class ZF Auto – Transmissions used by BMW and Supra

Enhance the performance of your vehicle dramatically!


Features of Gearbox Tuning


Stage 1 files are made to enhance mileage and comfort. Shiftpoints are adapted to make optimal use of your engines torque and keep revs low and steady all the time. Gearbox Torque Limiters are removed to open the way for proper operation when paired with tuned engines.


Stage 2 files focus on the sporty aspects, without compromising comfort. Shiftpoints and Clutch-Pressures are adapted to speed up shifting and reduce reaction times.


Stage 3 Maps are made for everyone having fun driving fast and going to race-tracks. While the standard D-Mode mostly retains factory smoothness the Sport and Manual modes are optimized for the fastest shifts possible. Eventually features like Launch Control and “True Manual Mode” are added.


The xHP Track Setup lets you fully concentrate on your driving, while the transmission does the rest. Shift your lever to S and let your car shift fully on it’s own during your trackday! Your transmission will shift, just like an experienced driver would do it! This makes driving on race tracks safer for beginners and even helps advanced drivers to shave of a few thenths of their best lap-time! This map is for driving on race tracks ONLY! D and M mode will behave similar to Stage 3, while S mode is not useable for street driving. Stage 4 is available for a very few BMW-cars.

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