Our mission is to enhance your driving experience. Ensuring each moment on the throttle is as if it were finely tuned by the factory experts

Why "tAS"

why choose Us?

Our mission is to elevate your driving experience with throttle tuning that rivals factory standards. How do we achieve this? Though meticulously calibrated, personalized enhancements tailored to meet each customer’s unique requirements while respecting the inherent capabilities of their vehicle, Our team of expert programmers are revered authorities in their respective fields. While we boost power, we steadfastly prioritize engine safety, ensuring that factory components remain safeguarded unlike any other.

Why "custom tuning" ?

What is Custom tuning?

Custom tuning is a tailored approach to optimizing a vehicle’s performance, unlike generic “flash map” tuning. It begins by flashing a conservative map based on factors like fuel type and engine condition. Then through data logging, real-time performance data is collected to refine tuning parameters like fuel delivery and ignition timing. This iterative process continues until the desired performance level is achieved. ensuring both power gains and engine safety.

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